Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 («Decree») has introduced an administrative liability of entities regime into the Italian legal system, in particular, as regards certain types of criminal offences perpetrated in their interest or to their advantage, by top executives or by persons under the latter’s management or supervision.

To ensure that the criminal offences under the Decree are prevented, Salvatore Ferragamohas adopted its own organisation, management and control model («Model»).  The Board of Directors approved the last amendment to the Model on 12 December 2013.

The Model is part of a wider policy pursued by Ferragamo Group aimed at fostering fair trade and transparency in its own business and in liaising with third parties.  The Code of Ethic adopted by Salvatore FerragamoS.p.A. and by all Ferragamo Group companies is also included in such policy.

The Board of Directors of Salvatore Ferragamo has set up a Supervisory Body, which has independent decision-making and control powers, and which is in charge of supervising the implementation of and compliance with the Model, and of fostering its continuous update.

Modello 231.pdf

Code of Ethics