General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

1. General Information

1.1 The sale of the products (hereinafter: “Products”) offered on our website (hereinafter: “Site”), by the brands “Salvatore Ferragamo” and “Ferragamo” (hereinafter “Brands”), is governed by these general conditions of purchase (hereinafter: “Terms”).

1.2 Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A. (hereinafter: “Ferragamo”) reserves the right to apply to one or more orders (hereinafter “Order”) specifi c contractual provisions (hereinafter: “ Specific Provisions “). In this case, the contractual conditions applicable to each order, always to be understood as an independent contract, will be the Terms and Conditions and the Specific Provisions.

1.3 Products are sold directly from Ferragamo.
To protect the originality and quality, as well as identify the provenance of our products, a passive NFC (Near Field Communication) tag has been inserted in some shoe models. The tag contains no personal information and is not readable at distance.

1.4 Ferragamo is an Italian company, which is part of the Ferragamo Finance Group and subject to the direction and coordination of the Financial Ferragamo SpA in accordance with the Article 2497- bis of the Civil Code, and having the legal head offi ce in Via de ‘Tornabuoni n. 2, 50123 Florence - Italy, no. fi sc. and VAT registration number 02175200480 02175200480 REA.

2. Commercial Policy

2.1 The sale of the products is only intended for individuals who are consumers and customers (hereinafter: “Client”). Client means the adult person who is acting for purposes which are outside his/her trade, business or profession.

2.2 In view of the above, Ferragamo reserves the right not to accept the orders from persons other than the Client.

2.3 At any time Ferragamo may modify or amend these Terms and Conditions. In any case, the Client will be required to accept only the General Conditions in force at the time of the conclusion of each Order.

2.4 Each Order may cover one or more products, subject to the right of Ferragamo to predict a maximum number depending on the product category.

2.5 The requests of purchase from other countries not enabled in the page of the shipping addresses will not be accepted.

2.6 Orders will not be delivered if addressed to a PO Box or if it will be impossible identify the individual recipient of the Order and its private address.

2.7 All communications indicated in the General Terms and Conditions made by e-mail will be sent to the email address provided by the Client during registration.

3. Terms of Purchase

3.1 Each product offered for sale, can be selected on a dedicated web space that will display photographic images, the unit price including VAT, colors and different sizes available (where applicable).

3.2 Some products may be displayed on the Site exclusively for the promo advertising purpose although not intended for sale. These products are not for sale and can not be purchased.

3.3 The images and the colors of the products offered for sale may, in some cases, not match the real colors due to technical features and the resolution of the equipment and software that comes with the computer used by the Client. The images and colors, therefore, should be considered as indicative and illustrative. The Client is invited to verify the adherence of the selected product to their expectations. Ferragamo will not be responsible for any inadequacy of the images or colors of these products due to technical reasons.

3.4 In order to perform each Order in respect of the Products selected the Client must follow the instructions and procedures made available on the Site.

3.5 The client is asked to verify the accuracy of the contents of each Order just before confi rming it, completing the Order form according to the instructions provided on the corresponding page of the Site. At the same time the end of each Order, the confi rmation of having carefully read and accept the Terms and Conditions and any Specifi c Provisions will be required to the Client. In case of non-acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and any Specifi c Provisions will not be possible to complete the Order.

3.6 If the Client wants to make changes or corrections to his/her Order prior to the confi rmation of it, the Client must require it to Ferragamo, sending an e-mail or by contacting Customer Service by phone. Generally, the confi rmed order cannot be further modifi ed or cancelled, except in the cases explicitly indicated in the General Conditions, or from any Specifi c Provisions or otherwise in the cases exclusively provided by the applicable local regulations.

3.7 At the end of the purchasing process it’s advisable to download, save or print the Terms and Conditions at the end of the program and any Specifi c Provisions. The Client will also receive a confi rmation e-mail (hereinafter: “E-mail”) of the Order receipt, including a summary of the information already available in the order form. This contains the Client’s data and the methods / addresses shipping, and the main characteristics of each product purchased, as well as a detailed indication of the price and delivery costs.

3.8 The Client can at any time monitor the status of his/her order by entering the reserved “Customer Area”, or by calling the phone number of the Customer Service department (hereinafter “Customer Service”) displayed on the Site in the specifi c section “Contacts”.

3.9 Each Order confi rmed will be automatically sent to the Salvatore Ferragamo SpA and its execution will then be fi led at the Head Offi ce of the company, located in Via Mercalli 201, 50019, Osmannoro, Sesto Fiorentino (FI).

4. Prices and Terms of Payment

4.1 The prices of the Products offered for sale and listed on the site are VAT included.

4.2 The prices of the Products are in EURO.

4.3 The total amount of each Order will also include the shipping costs calculated as specifi ed in paragraph 7. “Shipping Costs” here below.

4.4 Ferragamo reserves the right to change prices for the Products offered for sale at any time and without notice. The prices indicated on the Site will be applied to the Client in all cases at the time of confi rmation of each Order.

4.5 Payment for Products can only be made by credit card. Credit cards accepted are those belonging to Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

4.6 Payment transactions by credit card will be governed by the rules adopted by the individual Circuits credit card.

4.7 The confi rmation of the success of each Order will take place only after verifi cation of the credit card data of the Client and after receiving the authorization to carry out the charge on that credit card. The charge on the credit card of the Client will be made only after the delivery of each Order.

4.8 For the prior commitments of the “plafond” of the credit card in case of cancellation of Orders or for locations of them will be worth the same contractual terms of the individual circuit operators of credit card.

4.9 The data of the credit card will be handled in the strictest confi dence directly by the transmission circuit. Ferragamo is not responsible for misuse and abuse of the credit cards by third parties upon the payment of the products purchased on In this regard Ferragamo reserves the right to cancel the transaction if suspicion of fraudulent use of credit cards.
In order to ensure more security, additional information or documents could be requested at any time. Without these, Ferragamo reserves the right not to accept the transaction.

5. Product Availability

5.1 The Client acknowledges that the stocks of the Products offered on the Site are limited.

5.2 Occasionally, it can be possible that one or more Products would be not available. In this case, Ferragamo will inform the Client as soon as possible, and in any case, no more than 20 working days from the receipt Order, by phone or e-mail.

5.3 In the case that the Order is found not to be available at all, the Customer Service will send an e-mail as soon as possible by e-mail to the Client to inform him/her that the Order can not be processed.

5.4 If the Order would be partially available (one or more Products is not available), the Customer Service will contact the Client as soon as possible with the details of the items in stock. In any case, the partial order will still be processed, unless a specifi c request from the Client to the Customer Customer Service (via e-mail or phone).

5.5 In the case of cancellation of the Order no charges will be made to the credit card of the Client. If the charge had already occurred, the re-credit will be made as soon as possible and in accordance with the policy of the single circuit operators of credit cards.

5.6 It is expressly understood that when each Order is sent to the internal structure of Ferragamo responsible for his escape, an e-mail to the real taking charge will be sent to the Client. In some cases (short time of delivery of the order), the e-mail in question will be replaced directly by a shipping confirmation.

5.7 The availability of the products on the Site is limited and the number of orders placed, as well as the quantity acquired within a limited period time, are intended for strictly private use. Salvatore Ferragamo reserves the right to accept / reject any kind of order.

6. Transportation and Delivery

6.1 Ferragamo is committed to fulfi ll each Confi rmed Order within 10 working days and by the deadline of 20 working days from the working day following the day on which the Client placed the Order. During the period of sales and the business closure, the delivery times indicated above are subject to change.

6.2 When the package with the ordered Products leave the Ferragamo warehouse, an e-mail will be sent to the Client. If the delivery is related to the watches, the e-mail will also include an invoice showing the serial number of the watch.

6.3 The Client can track the status of his/her Order fulfi lling the appropriate procedures indicated in the Customer Area.

6.4 The Customer Service is available to assist the Client order status and for any issue related to delivery (except during holidays and periods of business closure).

6.5 The Client will check the Products immediately upon the delivery, in order to verify the compliance with the order.

6.6 Faults (such as tampering, damage of the packaging, damaged products, missing products) must be specifi cally indicated directly on the delivery note that must be signed by the Client.

7. Shipping costs

7.1 The shipping costs are charged to the Client with the forfait amount provided below.

Shipping Rates Standard Express Saver
Germany € 16,00 € 25,00
The Netherlands € 18,00 € 25,00
Luxembourg € 18,00 € 25,00
Portugal € 18,00 € 25,00
Denmark € 18,00 € 25,00
Ireland € 18,00 € 25,00
Austria € 20,00 € 25,00
Sweden € 20,00 € 25,00
Finland € 20,00 € 25,00
Greece € 20,00 € 25,00
Slovenia € 20,00 € 25,00
Czech Republic € 20,00 -
Poland € 20,00 -
Hungary € 20,00 -
Slovakia € 20,00 -
Bulgaria € 35,00 -
Romania € 35,00 -
Estonia € 35,00 -
Latvia € 35,00 -
Lithuania € 35,00 -
Cyprus - € 50,00
Malta - € 50,00
Turkey * - € 40,00
Ukraine * - € 40,00

*Customs Duty NOT included in Shipment Rates

7.2 The shipping costs will be displayed along with other costs related to the purchase, at the end of the end of each Order and before the confi rmation.

7.3 Turkey and Ukraine: customs clearance and customs duties are not included in shipment rates, which are charged to consignee upon delivery directly by UPS.

7.4 Turkey and Ukraine: due to Customs policies, shipments of exotic materials items are not allowed and therefore orders including the type of products can not be accepted

7.5 Ferragamo Jewels. Orders with jewelery items cannot be shipped to the following Countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine.

8. Right of withdrawal

Ferragamo aims to guarantee to the Client the opportunity to exercise the right of withdrawal in the best possible condition.

8.1 The Client is entitled to withdraw from each Order concluded, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, no later than the deadline of 10 working days from the day of receipt of the Products. Otherwise Ferragamo will not accept the return.

8.2 The Client may return the Order in whole or in part.

8.3 To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Client must use the Return Form (following the instructions), included in the packaging of the Products.

8.4 To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Client must return the Products to Ferragamo delivering to the courier for the delivery no later than the deadline of 10 working days from the date of receipt of them. Otherwise Ferragamo will not accept the return.

8.5 Ferragamo advises the Client to use UPS courier only (all information is included in the Return Form in the package).

8.6 The Client remains however free to turn to other couriers. In this case the proof of the product return, the costs and the risks related to the refund are for Client’s account.

8.7 The right of withdrawal, in addition to the terms and conditions as above, is intended to be correctly exercised when the following conditions have been fully respected:
a) the Return Form must be properly completed and submitted to Ferragamo attached to the returned goods;
b) the Products must be returned in original condition and packaging;
c) the identifi cation tag must still be attached to products (where applicable). If the return is related to the watches must be necessarily returned also its warranty.

8.8 Ferragamo will verify that the returned Products will be in the original condition. Otherwise Ferragamo will not accept the returned Products and will return to the Client the Products without the additional shipping fees.

8.9 In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, as indicated above, and verifi ed that the Products are in the original condition, Ferragamo will give the instructions to the Bank for crediting the amounts already charged to the credit card of the Client as soon as possible and within 30 days from the date of receipt by the logistics Ferragamo.
The amounts will be considered to have been refunded if they are actually credited with not later than the expiry of that period. Ferragamo will in no way be responsible for the delays in crediting attributable to the bank.

8.10 Ferragamo will refund to the Client the value of the returned goods, excluding the shipping costs.

8.11 Ferragamo does not allow the request on the Site for the replacement or the refund for products purchased in Ferragamo stores or in other Ferragamo boutiques and the replacements or refunds in stores or other Ferragamo boutiques in relation to the Products purchased on the Site.

9. Responsability for defective products

9.1 In compliant with all applicable Italian regulations particularly with the Legislative Decree No. 206 of September 6, 2005 (Consumer Code), Ferragamo is responsible for any defects of the Products, included the non-conformity of the products received by the Client compared to the products offered and ordered on the Site.

9.2 In compliant with the Article 130 of the Consumer Code, in case of defects the Client has the right to obtain the correction of the goods free of charge, by repair or replacement, or to obtain an appropriate price reduction or cancellation of the contract related to the products of the issue.

9.3 The costs of the returning for defective Products or for non-conformity of the Products in relation to the Order will be borne by Ferragamo, as well as the shipping costs supported by the Client.

9.4 If the defect concerns a watch, the Client who wants to repair his/her watch can decide whether require the repair with the nearest Ferragamo store or by contacting the

10. Product Return

The Client must follow carefully the procedure for return of the Products contained in the Return Form (included in the package).

10.1 If one or more of the Products delivered does not correspond to those ordered or is damaged, or if the return is required, the Client is required to inform Ferragamo sending an e-mail or contacting the Customer Service by phone.

10.2 The Customer Service will deal with the return procedure by releasing a special code that must be registered on the “Return Form” which is included in the packaging of the Products.

10.3 The Client must correctly fi ll in all required fi elds of the Return Form and attach it to the item to be returned to Ferragamo.

10.4 The Products must be returned in the original condition and packaging. Ferragamo can determine whether a Product is new or has been used by the Client. In this case, see the procedure in section 8.8.

10.5 Ferragamo advises the Client to consult their own UPS (as indicated in the Return Form). Otherwise the proof of the return of the products, the costs and risks related to the refund remain charged to the Client.

10.6 Ferragamo is pleased to bear the returning costs of the Products only and exclusively if the Client uses the UPS courier (as indicated in the Return Form) and if it satisfi es the condition of the goods item 10.4.

10.7 Once received the Products at the Ferragamo Warehouse and verifi ed the point 10.4, Ferragamo will give the instructions to the Bank for crediting the amounts already charged to the credit card of the Client as soon as possible and no later than 30 days from the date of receipt at the logistic department of Ferragamo.

10.8 Ferragamo does not allow the replacement of the Products purchased on-line.

11. Applicable law and disputes

11.1 The General Terms and any Specifi c Provision are governed by Italian law and will be interpreted according to it.

11.2 In case of a dispute of any kind regarding the Terms and Conditions, any Specific Provision and Orders, the Court of the place of domicile or of residence of the Client will be the competent in accordance with the applicable law, or at the discretion of it, the Court of Florence.

12. Contacts

For any further information, assistance or complaints, the Clients are invited to send an e-mail to the following address customercare.europe or contact the Customer Service, Salvatore Ferragamo SpA, Via Mercalli 201, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI ) Italy – Tel.+39 055 3562780.

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