15 March 2013

Fondazione Ferragamo

FONDAZIONE FERRAGAMO was established in Florence, Italy on 15 March 2013, with Wanda Miletti Ferragamo as its Chairwoman.
The foundation’s mission is to promote and showcase handcraftsmanship and made in Italy products, with a focus on fashion, design and creative and cultural processes in general, in line with the aesthetics and signature style of Salvatore Ferragamo.
Indeed, the Foundation aims to promote awareness of Salvatore Ferragamo and his work, keeping his memory alive, and to encourage public appreciation for Ferragamo’s artistic qualities around the world and the crucial role he played in the history of not only twentieth century shoes, but international fashion as well.
To achieve these aims, it is essential to protect and promote Salvatore Ferragamo’s historic archive, which contains the documents, patents and products that tell the story of his entire professional career. The Foundation’s activities will include many forms of collaboration with Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, which can offer a significant contribution to the organisation of exhibitions, seminars and educational projects, in line with the Foundation’s mission.
One of the Foundation’s main purposes is to offer young people the chance to grow and learn, and Salvatore Ferragamo’s life and the principles on which he based his work constitute a fine example. These principles are discussed in his autobiography Shoemaker of Dreams, in which he described his passion for handcraftsmanship, his constant experimentation, technological innovation and creativity, his openness to the world of culture and the way in which he saw his life’s work as the mission to which he was called.
The Foundation will conceive and organise training courses, laboratories, cultural initiatives and publications in partnership with public and private bodies and institutions with similar scopes. It will grant awards and scholarships to enable young people to develop original, creative and innovative projects and to delve into new areas of exploration.
Wanda Ferragamo, Salvatore Ferragamo’s wife and Chairwoman of Fondazione Ferragamo has worked diligently with her children on this project, keeping new generations in mind as, in her words, “Young people are the engine of any society, the force that ensures continuity and the future. However, they must have the chance to demonstrate their worth and their abilities. Adults, institutions and businesses are responsible for giving them these opportunities and providing them with know-how, creativity, technology and, above all, the desire to move forward, to overcome all obstacles, values exemplified by my husband’s life and his life’s work”.

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