28 February 2016


This season Salvatore Ferragamo presents a collection flowing with playful juxtapositions and elegant contradictions to express an unabashed feeling of joy. Textures willfully collide, volumes overlap, and the finest monotone fabrics are ignited by exuberant colors and motifs. The resulting garments and accessories offer a luxurious exploration through the familiar and the unexpected, in doing so creating something new and upbeat. 

The art movements of the 1920s and ‘30s signaled the starting point for creative director Massimiliano Giornetti, their inherent sense of freedom and opportunity mirroring the innovative spirit of founder Salvatore Ferragamo. Updating the artistic mood of those times, Giornetti’s collection is constructed around the theme of assemblage – a detailed patchwork bursting with ideas and experimentation, executed with the confidence that comes with masterful Italian craftsmanship. 

Geometric shapes represent the core of the collection: the zigzag is utilized in myriad forms, whether vibrantly displayed on knitwear dresses and quilted satin tops, or as the subtle finishing of a pure white double-faced cashmere coat, its angular edges bringing to mind shark’s teeth that offset the softness of the fabric. Indeed, this rejection of ‘perfect’ coordination brings verve and modernity throughout the collection: a highly structured black-and-white striped coat is given an ironic twist with mink pompoms as buttons; whimsical skateboards and spinning tops are printed upon sensual silk shirts; geometry’s rigor is smoothed out with the presence of scalloped hem dresses and capes. 

The resulting silhouette evokes the aristocratic woman with a maverick streak, her femininity accentuated by shark’s tooth belts, her girly side showing itself in the printed lining of capes and playful quilted skirts. The zigzag reappears in stitched detailing upon kaleidoscopic ankle boots in suede and lizard skin, while handbags reaffirm geometry’s precision with an abundance of checks, stripes and zigzags. 

This is a collection designed to stir the senses, to invigorate emotions, and reveal that beyond the surface reside all manner of intricacies and details, as if to celebrate the nuances, layers and endless possibilities of the modern woman. 

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