19 June 2016


This season Salvatore Ferragamo presents a collection in which the finest codes and traditions of masculine dressing are reconfigured to bring luxury and style to the multi-faceted realities of modern life. Playfully embracing contrasts and contradictions, the spirit and attitude of the artist merges with that of the restless adventurer, for both of whom utility, formality and decoration are of equal sartorial importance. 

The exuberance of early 20th century primitive artists signaled the starting point for the collection, evoking an inherent sense of freedom to travel, both literally and metaphorically, through the endless possibilities of their kaleidoscopic work. Across the collection, travel is epitomized by the backpack, that symbol of escapism and adventure, whose rugged structure and utilitarian details are channeled through outerwear, suits and accessories. 

Juxtapositions abound, as tailoring and military codes are interwoven with sportswear and streetwear. The Ferragamo suit is presented in relaxed new proportions, echoing the casual, oversized workwear of the artist, and expressing freshness in attitude and meaning. The rigidity of dark indigo mohair is softened with opened silk shirts and double-looped studded belts; striped and sleeveless jumpsuits – reworked in light technical cotton – exude airiness and modern chic. 

Paradoxically, Ferragamo’s master craftsmanship is applied to sporty outerwear, bringing structure and gravitas to papery leather pieces defined by their lightness and agility. A two-piece, citrus yellow coat is elevated through exquisite tailored detailing, injecting a sense of founder Salvatore Ferragamo’s lifelong obsession with comfort through construction.  

Formality merges with futurism as the iconic Ferragamo Tramezza men’s shoe is wrapped with an ultra-modern leather and elastic shielding – creating the attitude of the sneaker – whose protective layering also forms the basis of double-construction sandals. The central collection trope of the backpack is presented in khaki canvas with neo-blue suede strapping, while weaving its way across the collection, whimsical primitive artistry adds decorative bursts of color to khaki silk shirts, foulards, ties and buckles.  

There’s more to life than first meets the eye, and this collection reflects the nuances of the modern man: as complex as he is light-hearted, frivolous and functional, with creative zeal and sporting prowess; attracted to the comfort of both a relaxed silhouette and formal tailoring. Linked by the constant need for quality, his is a wardrobe that matches the caliber of his lifestyle. Operating as a validation of his activities, his passions, his personal quest in life. 

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