• Signorina Mini Collection
14 June 2018


The Signorina franchise reinvents herself and shrinks into a new dimension:  the Mini Signorina Collection, a collection of 20ml mini sizes embellished by the kaleidoscopic style of the Fashion Illustrator Jo Ratcliffe, who interpreted the playful mood of Signorina in a unique and creative way. A new collection, four different personalities in a new innovative format:  Signorina Eau de Parfum, Signorina Eleganza, Signorina Misteriosa, Signorina in fiore.

The Concept

A colorful and funny journey into a new kaleidoscopic universe where there are no boundaries between the real and the imaginary world. A world where everything surprisingly recalls the magic of Signorina and is inspired by her joy. With this cheerful spirit, Signorina amusingly reinvents herself into an unexpected shape, always keeping her iconic identity and playing with her different personalities, and becomes... Mini Signorina.

The Bottle

The Signorina iconic and chic bottle shrinks into an innovative joyful shape: a new cute 20ml format to exalt the playful mood of Signorina. A precious glass cube with the legendary Vara bow By Salvatore Ferragamo, in four different colors combinations, one for each Signorina personality. Different little fragrances to collect and bring wherever every Signorina wants!

The Illustrated Packaging

Jo Ratcliffe “JoCanDraw” is a London based art director, illustrator and animator, known for her hand-drawn characters, and spindly scenes sometimes overlain atop live action footage. She is frequently commissioned by fashion labels and magazines to create art films, animations and editorials. The colorful and funny universe of Mini Signorina is fully represented by these new precious boxes.

The unmistakable Signorina packaging is gracefully decorated with the signature of the fashion illustrator Jo Ratcliffe. The legendary Salvatore Ferragamo gros grain Vara bow amusingly acquires a kaleidoscopic touch to keep the playful mood of Signorina without losing the iconic identity of the regular Signorina range. The perfect cute box to take your Mini Signorina always with you!

The Digital Campaign

The videos represent a journey into the different aspects of Signorina, symbolically summed up in a peculiar gesture. “What are you Mad for?

In each of us there is a Mini Signorina, an adjective that distinguishes a particular gesture as the videos.
Focus on 4 different iconic gestures and aspects of each parfumes, you will have Signorina EdP (romanticism), Signorina Eleganza (elegance), Signorina Misteriosa (mysterious), Signorina in fiore (joyfull).
There’s a bit of Signorina in every joyful adventure!

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