• “FUTURE POSITIVE” - Winter 2021
27 February 2021


Salvatore Ferragamo leaps forward to shape a new now. Inspired by the limitless conceptual freedom of science fiction and the house’s heritage of technical innovation, creative director Paul Andrew projects into the future to craft an alternative vision for the present. Fueled by optimism and hope, this is a bright and youthful collection that disrupts and upgrades 21st century tropes of uniform - business, military, evening, sporting – discarding all that is old-fashioned. This collection is driven by sensitivity for the health of our environment.

Paul Andrew says: “In fashion, the past exerts a gravity - we are always drawn to it. For this season I wanted to invert that physics. The objective was to engineer a collection that sees the present through a prism of the future –unleashing a multitude of fresh perspectives. Pre-millennial sci-fi classics Gattaca, Until The End Of The World, and The Matrix were all cinematic influences - past imaginings of the future that have shaped today. For this ‘Future Positive’ collection I imagined the standard contours of today’s uniforms as fossilised remnants of a long-forgotten past, freed of all associations of class, colour or creed. This collection proposes new uniforms for a utopian future in which diversity and positivity combine to transform our world for the better. As Salvatore Ferragamo once said of his own work, this collection is dedicated ‘to all those who must walk’ – at a time when we must be united in our determination to reimagine, rebuild, progress.”

Collection: Ready-to-wear sees tailoring templates blended and sequenced with codes drawn from militaria, moto, athletics, scuba and beyond. For both women and men, shirting, mohair knits, footwear and accessories are connected and complementary, presented in monochrome against bursts of colour. Seasonal advances include capes, coats and parkas in heat-processed leathers and wools, fine gauge technical knitwear, knit bodysuits and dresses patterned in an abstract future camouflage. Utility parkas and casual tailoring, dresses and outerwear strafed with irregular bursts of fringed yarn. A constellation of draped jersey dresses and statements in chainmail star and shine throughout the lineup.

Shoes: Key footwear include space-biker boots, scuba sock sneakers, clogs in rubberised nappa, and a sleek reinterpretation of Ferragamo’s iconic F-heel adorned with rhinestones and a galvanised finish.
Accessories: Key bags include the Nano-Trifolio in rubberised nappa and a revolumed, deconstructed Studio bag. A travel bag for men comes in a futuristic Gancini-embossed leather and features a pocketed utility strap.

Sustainability Notes:
A dress realized in polyester made from post-consumer recycled materials.
Footwear soles include wood from certified responsibly managed forestry, recycled pre-consumer TPU rubber and polyurethane and metal-free leather tanned with plant-based materials and through a certified lower environmental impact production process.
Selected accessories are made from upcycled pre-consumer offcuts, addressing material waste and avoiding virgin material production, and others are made from certified recycled pre and post-consumer wool and cashmere.
Part of leather have been made with a chrome-free or metal-free tanning process.
Sewing threads for part of footwear and leather goods are made from 100% post-consumer certified recycled PET.
Further information is available upon request

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