• Earth Top Handle Bag
22 April 2021


In celebration of Earth Day 2021, Salvatore Ferragamo launches the Earth Top Handle bag, a re-interpretation of the iconic Top Handle bag created by Fiamma Ferragamo in the 90s and immediately recognised as perfect for its usage, proportions and design.

Fiamma was the first of many women in the Ferragamo family who helped shape and boost the company, and her heritage burns bright like her name. In the name of continuity, the House puts a contemporary spin on its original values; drawing inspiration from the beauty of Mother Nature and respecting its commitment to ever more sustainable development.

The Earth Top Handle bag will launch as part of the prestigious Ferragamo’s Creations collection, a limited-edition series of numbered replicas of men's and women's designs from the archive that have made the history of fashion and are now available again.

Presented in just 500 pieces, the Earth Top Handle bag honours the bond between Salvatore Ferragamo and the Made in Italy tradition, and the House's commitment to using low impact materials.

CEO Micaela le Divelec Lemmi says: “Authentic craftsmanship, creativity and innovation are Salvatore Ferragamo's core values. So is sustainability. Salvatore Ferragamo, during his years of activity, was never afraid to innovate and use new materials. Today we continue to do so, with a look at the present. The experimental spirit, the Italian inventiveness, the sense of beauty and refinement, the connection between our feelings and social and environmental responsibility, are essential characteristics of our collections”.

Driven by total dedication to research and the use of responsible materials, the Earth Top Handle bag is made of cork, giving it an ethereal look and texture in total accordance with nature. FSC certified cork is a natural and renewable resource that causes no harm to the trees when harvested. In addition, the lining is crafted from pure linen, a natural and biodegradable material; zipper tape and thread are made of 100% recycled and certified polyester; and the bag's colour is finished with water-based treatments.

Synonymous with Italian craftsmanship, creativity and innovation, Ferragamo have long chosen to adopt a social responsibility strategy that, in line with the Founder's values, pursues objectives of economic growth while taking into account the social and environmental impact. The Earth Top Handle bag has obtained the ISO 14067 - Product Carbon Footprint certification, by virtue of which it is possible to quantify the emissions due to its manufacturing and compensate them, making the project “carbon neutral”.

To this end, Salvatore Ferragamo will make use of the help of Rete Clima, a non-profit organization promoting actions and projects that fight climate change. With Rete Clima, the company will support the project for the protection of Tuscan cork forests certified with PEFC standard, obtaining carbon offset through sustainable forest management actions in the Paganico estate, which extends for over 1200 hectares near Grosseto.

Earth Top Handle bag an icon celebrating Ferragamo's hymn to planet Earth.

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