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21 November 2017


November 21, 2017 - Salvatore Ferragamo, a company engaged for years in land protection and exploitation, to celebrate the National Tree Day, started the creation of the Parco delle Idee (Park of Ideas), inside the Polo Scientifico of Sesto Fiorentino; a green urban area, the trees of which will be a subject of study for students from the University of Florence.
The project - born from the partnership with Lifegate (a point of reference in the field of sustainability in Italy), Carbonsink (an academic spin-off of the University of Florence, specialized in the compensation of CO2 emissions), and the Department of Agri-food Production and Environmental Science - has lead to the plantation of roughly two hundred native trees. The operations were also carried out with the help of our colleagues, who participated voluntarily in the plantation day, working together for four hours to adopt and plant some of the trees. Later on, each team work had the chance to put a commemorative plaque on one of the trees, with the names of the team members and a short sentence.
The Parco delle Idee lays the foundations for the creation of green available areas in the Polo Scientifico of the University of Florence, and is part of the Tuscan Region project to realize the Bosco della Piana. The project will also benefit the micro climate, and the CO2 emissions absorbed by the different tree specimens will be calculated.
"This new commitment of the company and its employees, which for one day participated voluntarily in the plantation work, is for a further matter of pride for all of us," commented Ferruccio Ferragamo, President of the Ferragamo Group. "Our company has always been committed to multiple initiatives aimed at the protection of the Italian historical, cultural and environmental heritage; and particularly of the Florentine and Tuscan ones, to which we are bound by long-standing affection and gratitude. The Parco delle Idee represents an effective, tangible way to express our appreciation for a reality to which we owe such a great part of our international success. At the same time, it is the expression of a virtuous demeanour that every modern company has the duty to take in respect of the territory and social fabric in which it operates."

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