Share capital

The share capital amounts to Euro 16,879,000.00 and is composed of 168,790,000 ordinary shares having face value of Euro 0.10 each.

Salvatore Ferragamo is subject to the so-called management and coordination activity by Ferragamo Finanziaria S.p.A., which owns a 54,276% shareholding in the Company’s share capital.

The number of voting rights to which each shareholder is entitled may differ from the number of shares held as a result of one or more shareholders obtaining the increased voting rights. For further information please refer to the section “governance/shareholding/loyalty-shares".

Relevant Shareholding

The relevant shareholding in the Company’s share capital, as resulting from the communications made under article 120 TUF and from the other information in the Company’s possession is the following:


Shareholders’ Agreements

On 26th June 2017 the company Ferragamo Finanziaria S.p.A., having its registered office in Florence, Via Tornabuoni No. 2, Tax Code, VAT No. and filing number with the Companies’ Register of Florence 04161460482, and Majestic Honour Limited, a company organized and existing under the laws of Hong Kong, having its registered office in Hong Kong, Wong Chuk Hang, 2 Heung Yip Road, 27th - 30th Floor, One Island South, indirectly controlled by Mr. Peter K. C. Woo, have signed a Shareholders’ Agreement, valid and effective as of 29th June 2017 and which was communicated and published on 30th June 2017, that is aimed at regulating the corporate governance of Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A..
The Shareholders’ Agreement expired on 29 June 2020, was tacitly renewed without amendments, for a further period of three years, until 29 June 2023.

Essential Information ex art. 130 Consob Regulation.pdf (191 KB)

Excerpt art. 122 and art.130 of Consob Regulation no 11971-1999.pdf (121 KB)