• Orange Fiber - Green Fashion Ispiration
22 April 2017


Ferragamo Orange Fiber Collection is an exclusive project dedicated to sustainability and innovation, launched by the Florentine maison for the forthcoming Earth Day. It starts with Orange Fiber, a patent with an all-Italian soul, which makes it possible to produce the first fabric in the world with citrus fruits – and results in the creation of a Capsule Collection enhanced by exclusive Designer Prints.


Ferragamo, a brand with an enduring passion for fine craftsmanship and which has always been associated to the culture of quality and innovative research, has decided to celebrate the 47th edition of Earth Day 2017 by presenting the Orange Fiber Collection. This is a green-fashion project that combines fashion and design with a virtuous production cycle, using solely sustainable fabrics of natural origins.  


Faithful to their motto, Responsible Passion, Salvatore Ferragamo is the first brand to use the exclusive Orange Fiber fabric, taking it on as both a challenge and an opportunity. Hence, with the use of this new fibre - a twill that looks and feels like silk – the company has created and produced a fresh Capsule Collection, entirely dedicated to Mediterranean creativity. 


At the same time, the project reflects those ethical values linked to research on sustainability and renewable sources, destined to become the driving force for the future of high-quality Made in Italy fashion.


Orange Fiber - The idea


It all starts with the idea, of a woman, to create sustainable fabrics for fashion beginning with citrus fruits - or better yet, from what remains after squeezing them for juice, that amounts to more than 700,000 tons of by-product in Italy. Adriana Santanocito, while working on her dissertation in fashion design, decided to develop this idea with Enrica Arena, an International Communication and Cooperation student, and also thanks to the support of the Polytechnic University of Milan for the feasibility of the idea. Soon the dream of the two students was transformed in the filing of an Italian patent, which was then extended to international protocol (USA, Brazil, India, Mexico, EU).


Thanks to the funding by Seed Money of Trentino Sviluppo, Smart&Start Invitalia, and private investors, in 2014 the idea became a business, with the first prototypes being created and the first pilot plants starting up in Sicily, making it possible to transform citrus by-products into quality material for fashion.


Ferragamo was the first to support this virtuous result, being the first company to present a consistent production order for the exclusive fabric and following up by offering the entire project their own stylistic research and extended visibility through their own shop windows. 


Ferragamo Orange Fiber Collection S/S 2017


Ferragamo, from the very beginning wanted to dedicate a unicum to the project. They asked Mario Trimarchi (Com-passo d'Oro 2016) architect, designer of the a mano libera- free-hand - generation, to interpret his images with their strong Mediterranean influence into prints that could capture the most authentic origins of Orange Fiber.


The result led to a sophisticated study that focused on an extraordinary, almost metaphysical Sicily. Inspired by the theme of the intense shadows of the south on Mediterranean nature and fruits, he also adds a more abstract and literary sequence of drawings of floating clouds and flowers. From these authentic designer prints, the Ferragamo stylistic team brought forth a collection made of essential cuts and lines applied to shirts, dresses, trousers, and foulards, with the style of a delicate daily wear that embraces naturalness and comfort.  


A surprising result, particularly refined and delicate, that links prints, fabrics, and styles with a virtuous production process, confirming that Italian creativity and ingenuity can work with sustainable fashion to safeguard the planet. 


Salvatore Ferragamo Responsible Passion

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