• AW 20 ADV Campaign
30 July 2020


Salvatore Ferragamo presents a visual curation of its Autumn Winter 2020 collection that is designed to stimulate the eye, fire the mind and stir the soul. Working in a London studio, Creative Director Paul Andrew shaped a multi-faceted portfolio that reflects the depth and richness of the season’s shoes, ready-to-wear, and accessories. Still lives of key accessory pieces - shoes, bags, eyewear and belts - are shot through defocused symmetrical impositions in the foreground, challenging the eye to search out its subject. These are placed across from full length portraits of three models - Mariacarla Boscono, Malick Bodian and Luca Lemaire - wearing full looks from the collection of which those accessories are a part. Here too there is crafted play of foreground against background - both shadow and defocused coloured shape impose themselves upon the image. The human dynamic between the three protagonists - amplified by the expression intheir dress - adds another layer to the visual tapestry of the season. This series of images presented in tandem presents both the precision and breadth of this collection. From close-up to full length, the full spectrum of Andrew’s approachable and wearable works of art are delivered in intensely rendered visual snapshots. The result is a gallery of arresting imagery that fully showcases the know-how and aesthetic verve of Salvatore Ferragamo - a visual narrative that is testament to the house’s compelling lexicon of beautiful, useful and timeless designs. Paul Andrew said: “I wanted to create an elevated and colorful campaign that invites the viewer to appreciate the craft and beauty in individual pieces and simultaneously appreciate the impact when the collection is coordinated  into toe-to-head looks. It’s a campaign about the relationship between depth and surface, that plays foreground against background in a way that provokes the eye to focus - to seek out beauty. There was also an additional interplay between the personalities of Mariacarla, Malick and Luca that contributed an extra depth and dimension to the final photographs. This is a time to question our ways of seeing to enable us to see the world afresh, and in some small way I hope this collection helps to provoke that.”

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