• SS 22 ADV Campaign
15 February 2022


With a short movie produced by artist and director Amalia Ulman and a portfolio of images captured by Hugo Comte, the Salvatore Ferragamo advertising campaign for Spring-Summer 2022 sweeps us into a Mediterranean universe: a fascination that points to the visual sensuality of how we dress, elevating the brand’s new collection of accessories and clothing to centre stage using different perspectives.

A sensation of relaxed freedom seeps through us as we follow the campaign cast, including Amalia Ulman herself and young American Emmy award-winning actor and musician Jharrel Jerome - accompanied by models Greta Hofer, Nyaueth Riam and Xu Meen - in a summer adventure, set in the locations of an idyllic holiday location.

Comte’s photographs - individual shots and intense mise-en-scènes, capture precious moments of this adventure. A campaign that personifies that summery essence of beauty and endless opportunities, through the unmistakeably all-Italian passion for life.
The escapism is softened by the sweetness of a renewed freedom that blends with Comte's architectural plasticity: diagonal lines and geometric compositions enhance the saturated colours of the shots, brimming with sensual tension and warmth. Images that appear both vintage and contemporary, in a spirit reminiscent of stars of the silver screen from the Sixties and Seventies. The spotlight is on the accessory, the focal point for the House. 

The campaign film is another chapter in the Ferragamo film repertoire - the Seventh Art is intrinsically linked to its heritage - shot by Amalia Ulman who also stars as the protagonist in the film alongside Jharrel Jerome. 
Taking her cue from the symbolic summer imagery and the Ferragamo style codes, Ulman makes skilful use of cinematographic techniques, on different and overlapping planes, to emphasise the emotional intensity of the concept of possibility: a budding love story, a reignited friendship, but also the quest to find one’s inner self. A timeless narrative that ties in with the concept of family, in its broadest sense of the rediscovery of one's childhood, pleasantly steering in the direction throughout the summer as it weaves through and revisits special memories.

The Ferragamo garments and accessories are not simply cameos but co-stars: the iconic Vara and Varina designs, the bohemian clogs with Gancini buckle, the mules with woven uppers and the men's Tramezza moccasin, reinvented by subtraction, are the foundations to ready-to-wear looks characterized by vivid colours; garments in knit and jersey that enhance a sense of freedom to each outfit choice. They feature three-dimensional textured crafting processes combining cotton and silk, wool and linen, hemp yarn.
Among the bags, alongside the Ferragamo Studio Bag and the Trifolio, the newest star makes its debut: the ultra-soft bucket bag in a range of surprising colours.

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